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R&DETAIL Glossy Styling Paste 100ml

Unique way to manage frizzy and curly hair

What it does:

-Tames frizz

-Shapes curls and waves

-Adds natural, healthy shine

How to use:

-Apply to towel-dried hair and let it dry naturally, or use a heating appliance (yes, we include heat protection!)

-Retouch look on dry hair

Good to know:

-Effect even remains the following day

-Unisex fragrance (for him and for her) 

-Safe formulation - skin & scalp caring ingredients 

R&Detail_Proffesional hair products_glossy styling paste_matte styling paste_styling gel_I
Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL_4

We care about what we deliver in each of our bottles

Medically checked_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

All our ingredients and formulations are reviewed by a medical doctor to ensure the finest materials and the best possible care for skin and hair.

Hydrating_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

All R&DETAIL products contain ingredients that hydrate and protect the palms of the hands when applied. Our products also moisturize the hair and scalp and protect from heat and sunlight. All our formulations contain a significant amount of pro-vitamin B5, which is known to help heal sore skin as well as to prevent irritation and itchiness. Our products thus cater to the essential needs of hair and scalp.

Skin Friendly_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

All R&DETAIL products are formulated with the highest emphasis on the protection of the palms of the hands and the scalp. Skin is the human body's largest organ, and protects it from harmful outside influences. We fine-tune our products to a skin-friendly pH value to support the natural skin barrier.

Vegan_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

R&DETAIL products do not contain animal-derived raw materials. Our focus is on natural and plant-based materials and ingredients.

Water soluble_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

An enormous advantage of R&DETAIL products over their competitors is that they can be simply rinsed out with water. They do not require a special shampoo to remove residue as is the case with many other products in this category.

Non greasy_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

Most of styling pastes on the market (especially glossy pastes) leave clients' hair feeling greasy. With our pastes, however, hair stays clean after application; the pastes don't load hair or give it a greasy feeling or appearance.

Non sticky_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

The majority of styling products on the market leave stylists with sticky hands after using them. Their hands need to be washed before using tools like scissors, combs, brushes or appliances. With our products, stylists don't need to wash their hands because they don't stay sticky.

Silicone free_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

R&DETAIL products do not contain silicone. How do we achieve our science-based formulas? By employing a sophisticated emulsifying system in combination with advanced production technologies. Thus our products allow the cuticles of the hair to be smoothened rather than coated, and the hair does not feel loaded.

Paraben free_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

R&DETAIL products require no parabens as a preservative. This is due not only to the formula itself but also to our advanced production technology. Our airless dispensers reduce the risk of contamination; the stylers stay clean and fresh. We therefore can reduce the amount of preservatives and omit parabens completely.

No animal testing_Stylers_Professional hair products_R&DETAIL

None of our products are tested on animals, nor do we use animal-derived raw materials. We are extremely careful that our selection of raw materials is in harmony with nature and the environment.

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