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About us

We have established salonallianz GmbH with a fundamental target  –  we make life of stylists and salon clients better in taking care of their health.

R&DETAIL stands for Research and Development in the utmost Detail.

Why we created R&DETAIL

R&DETAIL team has decades of salon industry experience across the Globe. We are aware on the many health issues that stylists are facing.

There are so many stylists who have developed skin disease over their professional work even to the degree that they are forced to stop working.

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Relevance beyond salon

Skin allergies, irritation and sensitive skin have been increasing not only for stylists but also for all of us. R&DETAIL is addressing this topic in developing its products together with medical doctor.


Thus, superior raw materials and highest product quality signed off by a medical doctor ensure the focus on the health of stylists and consumers.


R&DETAIL products include caring and protective ingredients for the skin of the hands (when applying the products) and for the scalp (after the product is in the hair).

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R&DETAIL is the major professional salon brand developed with medical doctor.

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Medical doctor works in hand with Master Stylists

We have decided to start this company so we can make own choices in our development process. Our development team includes a medical doctor to ensure the highest quality of the materials used and mild and caring  effect on the skin to the highest possible extent.


Every ingredient that we use is being carefully checked for its mildness and caring effect for the utmost safety and protection of your skin.

Master stylists in our team test each product extensively on all kind of hair to ensure its unique and great performance and the ease and convenience in the application.

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No compromise on quality
Private heritage of our business allows us to make decisions that strictly follow our philosophy – choice for best quality and purest ingredients.
In-house development

Developed with medical doctor

We develop our formulations in collaboration with a medical doctor to achieve the mildest and most caring effect on hair, scalp and skin.

Created by doctor of natural sciences

All of our products are created by a doctor of natural sciences who has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. 


Cooperation with hair stylists

We work together with stylists to formulate products they need and love in their daily work.

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Professional hair products_R&Detail_attention to detail
Attention to detail

Our primary focus is quality and performance. We strive for excellence and simplicity for our customers.


We work out the details to create products for our clients that are intuitive in application, excellent and unique in performance and simple in use.


Our attention to detail can be seen in all aspects of our products: performance, formulation and packaging.


Every single ingredient in our products has a function. We include no “marketing” ingredients in our formulations. Our formulations are streamlined, minimal and pure.


We ensure top performance on the hair with a minimum number of ingredients. We protect our planet without compromising on performance.

Ingredient selection

Our products contain only the purest, the highest possible quality ingredients.


We use premium and unique fragrances that have been developed exclusively for us to meet our customers’ expectations.

State-of-the-art technology

Our products compete in quality with those of the top global players through our simple but profound principle: we apply the highest standards with regard to our in-house development process, use sustainable ingredients and utilize state-of-the-art German manufacturing technology.

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